Michael Clarke Duncan — Verbal Throwdown with Fiancee Over Kim Kardashian Running for Office

Kim Kardashian better not be counting on Michael Clarke Duncan“s vote — because dude laughed so hard when he caught wind of KK”s political aspirations … his fiancee got pissed.

MCD and Omarosa Stallworth were outside Staples Center when a camera guy told them Kim”s considering a run for Glendale, CA city council and eventually mayor. Michael”s awesomely honest response — “No she”s not! Are you playing Are you serious”

But Omarosa immediately had Kim”s back, saying … “Run girl, run! You can win.”

The whole thing quickly melted down into a heated debate — Lamar Odom”s name even got dragged through the mud.

Check out the lovers” spat. We”re guessing Mike”s still in the dog house … a really big one.