Michael Buble Cosmopolitan June 2013 Feature: I'm Attracted to Strong Women

Michael Buble Cosmopolitan June 2013 Feature: I'm Attracted to Strong Women

Fresh off the release of his new album To Be Loved, Michael Buble scores a feature in the June 2013 issue Cosmopolitan magazine.

After showing off his good looks for the Warwick Saint-shot spread, the 37-year-old singer chatted about everything from his change in persona to what he loves about his wife, actress/model Liusana Lopilato.

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On his first single “It”s a Beautiful Day”:
“I wanted to write a revenge song because I”ve been known for only these-I-haven”t-met-you-yet-and-I”m-gonna-love-you-forever songs. I wrote this for the girl or guy whose boy-or girlfriend treats them like s***, and who is basically saying “You dumped me, you broke my heart, and honestly life is awesome without you, you f****** you b****!” It”s hilarious because I”ve heard all these girls saying “That”s my song! I was with this turd…””

On dropping his heart breaker image:
“I”m just like every other guy. I”m not going to say I was some bad boy – I was never macho in that way – but I think I was quite reckless with hearts in the past. I did the “love “em and leave “em” thing. I put out that karma, and one day, I got it all handed back – I got my heart broken when I was 29 or 30, and it served as a wake-up call. It gave me a chance to go to therapy and admit things to myself and stop glossing over them. The truth is, I didn”t really like myself or respect myself that much for awhile, but I learned to accept that we can”t change the past nor predict the future, so we need to live in the moment.”

On what qualities he looks for in a woman:
“I”m attracted to strong women. I surround myself with them. I”m the opposite of the guy who”s insecure around them – they make me feel more secure. Like my wife . Her job fulfills her and is important to her. And everywhere we go, people like her more than they like me. I love it.”