Metta World Peace — I ALMOST Retired … ‘Cause I Wanted Mudslides On the Beach

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Metta World Peace says he seriously considered retiring from the NBA when he was dropped from the Lakers … because he REEALLLY wanted to drink mudslides on a beach in Florida.

Mudslides are, in fact, delicious.

“I was thinking about just going down to like Destin, Florida … “which is one of the best beaches in America that”s not too expensive to travel to,” Metta says.

“So I was thinking about going to Destin, Florida or maybe going to Sarasota and just enjoying the beach. Sitting back … mudslides. I loooove some mudslides.”

So, why didn”t he hang “em up 33-year-old Metta says he still has 3-5 good years left in the league … and he”s really excited to play with the New York Knicks.

Still, Metta says he enjoyed playing in L.A. — and LOVED his teammates — and expects the Lakers to play in the finals next year … against the Knicks, of course.