Melissa McCarthy: I Was Fired for Yelling at a Drunk

Melissa McCarthy
She may be Hollywood royalty now, but even Melissa McCarthy was on the receiving end of a pink slip before getting her big break.

The first time she was fired was from a restaurant in New York City, McCarthy, 41, tells Access Hollywood, after she chased down a drunk customer who skipped out on a very big bill.

“Some guy that was incredibly bombed left like an $1,800 bill,” the Emmy winner recalls. “Security was supposed to catch him, but they didn”t. I went and found him two bars down, still drunk.”

McCarthy said she brought the patron back to her restaurant and made him pay the bill.

But, despite the fact that he “was, like, 6″4″ and he was screaming down at me,” the restaurant showed McCarthy the door.

“They fired me for yelling at a customer,” she says.