Melissa McCarthy — FIRES Extra From ‘Tammy’ Set For Mistreating Kid

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Melissa McCarthy
is new to the director”s chair … but she”s already acting like a BOSS … the “Bridesmaids” star just FIRED an extra for mistreating her own little kid on set … our sources has learned.

It happened yesterday in Wilmington, NC … where they”re filming “Tammy,” a comedy McCarthy is co-directing with husband and fellow first-timer Ben Falcone.

The extra, a woman in her 20s, brought along her child — age approximately 4-5 — for the daylong shoot by a lake … and the standard $58 payday … sources tell our sources.

Witnesses say the young mom had been struggling with her kid all morning … constantly harping on the child to “stop it” and quiet down … loudly enough to disrupt the production, which included more than 200 extras.

Sources say the last straw came when the mom harshly jerked the child up in the air by the wrist — and McCarthy saw it all. The director IMMEDIATELY had PAs bounce the woman … saying she wouldn”t tolerate abuse on her set … and that was that.

The woman”s identity was not disclosed. Reps for McCarthy had no immediate comment.

Moral of the story: Don”t attempt anything shady around Melissa McCarthy … she”s ALWAYS ON WATCH …