Melissa Etheridge’s Ex Tammy Lynn Michaels — No Boobs and No Pot for Our Kids

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Melissa Etheridge“s ex GF doesn”t want their kids going on tour, living the rock “n roll lifestyle — specifically exposure to topless groupies and marijuana … according to court documents.

Tammy Lynn Michaels went to court today in L.A. requesting an emergency hearing regarding the care of their 6-year-old twins — because Melissa wants to take them with her on tour starting this month. 

According to court docs … Tammy is worried the kids haven”t been vaccinated against Diphtheria, Tetanus, Measles, Mumps, Chicken Pox … and a slew of other nasty stuff.

In the papers, Tammy claims she and Melissa agreed, when they were together, the kids would not get vaccinations — and she only changed her mind after they broke up in 2010.

Besides the medical issues … Tammy also has beef with the kids being exposed to Melissa”s rowdy fans and their ya-bos. In the docs, she claims “many female fans remove their shirts and bras and throw them on stage” … which, we”re guessing, she feels is inappropriate.

Further, Tammy is concerned about other people watching the kids while Melissa performs because “there is use of marijuana on the tour bus and in the dressing rooms.”

Tammy”s request for an emergency hearing was denied — but a court date”s been scheduled for August.