Melissa Etheridge on Angelina Jolie: "I Only Objected to the Term 'Brave'"

Melissa Etheridge on Angelina Jolie:

After making headlines for her comments about Angelina Jolie”s preventative double mastectomy, Melissa Etheridge is now clarifying her thoughts on the subject.

The “I”m the Only One” singer previously called the “Tomb Raider” star”s decision, “the most fearful choice you [could] make when confronting anything with cancer.”

However, later the cancer survivor herself told Us weekly, “I don”t have any opinion on what she “should have” done. All are free to choose. I only objected to the term “brave” in describing it.”

The 52-year-old musician”s latest remarks come after Brad Pitt was asked about the comments at the “World War Z” premiere in NYC on Monday, in which he said, “Melissa”s an old friend of mine. I”m sure we”ll talk on the phone. I don”t know what it is.”