Melanie Griffith to Govt. — YOU SHOULD ALL BE FIRED!!! (Except Obama)

Exclusive 100413_melanie_griffith_launchMelanie Griffith says she knows how to fix all of the problems in Washington … FIRE ALL THE POLITICIANS … except for Obama … she thinks he”s cool.

Griffith and her fancy black Bentley pulled up to Judy”s Deli in L.A. yesterday — so , naturally, we started talking politics … and Mel didn”t hold back.

“[The politicians] should all be fired, that’s what I think” … adding, “You know we could all fire ALL of them.”

But moments later, as she was pulling away, the actress had a slight change of heart … rolling down her window to explain why she wants to pardon the Commander in Chief.

Check out the clip — you buyin” what Mel”s sellin”