Meet Knut"s (Super Cute!) Half-Sister, Anori

She has to look presentable for the public!

Polar bear cub Anori left her birth cave for the first time last week since her birth on Jan. 4 at Germany”s Zoo in Wuppertal. Her mother Vilma used a homespun cleaning tool – her tongue! – to get little Anori looking her best.

If Anori”s adorable button eyes look at all familiar, that”s because she”s a half sister to Knut, the polar bear that became a worldwide sensation after getting rejected by his mother. Knut and Anori share the same father, according to CNN.

Vilma and Anori, meanwhile, appear to be enjoying their special time together. Anori is just learning to walk, but she”s already adept at playing with her mother.

Meet Knut's (Super Cute!) Half-Sister, Anori| Baby Animals, Cute Pets, Zoo Animals

Frank Augstein / AP