Meet Kaka: The World"s Most Popular Athlete on Twitter

Brazilian soccer star Kaka
It”s one of the most exclusive clubs, with Lady Gaga, Oprah Winfrey and Britney Spears claiming membership. And now Kaka is joining their ranks.

Wait, who

Brailian soccer star Kaka (a.k.a., Ricardo Izecson dos Santos Leite) is the world”s first athlete to reach 10 million followers on Twitter, making him only the sixteenth person to hit the high benchmark. He ranks right under Eminem (10.3 million followers) in the 10 Million Club, where Lady Gaga reigns supreme (with 23 million followers).

At, the Real Madrid player and Armani model, 30, describes himself as a “Christian, husband and father who loves football,” and personally replies to fans in English, Spanish and Portuguese. He shares personal photos from his Instagram account, posting shots with his teammates, friends and more.

The second-most followed athlete on Twitter: Kaka”s Real Madrid teammate, Cristiano Ronaldo, who has yet to cross the 9 million followers mark.

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