Meet Isabella Cruise"s Boyfriend Eddie Frencher

Isabella Cruise and Eddie Frencher
Tom Cruise”s daughter Isabella went public with her new beau Eddie Frencher at her brother Connor”s 17th birthday party last week.

So who is the guy who has won Bella”s heart

Frencher – who is in his early twenties and was born in Beverly Hills, Calif., – is interested in performing just like Bella”s famous parents Cruise and Nicole Kidman. He”s an indie musician and is a member of the group ae (pronounced “ay”), with band mate Adam Cude.

And the new couple seem smitten with each other. Bella, 19, and Frencher “were together the whole night,” a source told us, of the bash where Connor – a.k.a. DJ C-Squared – spun tracks. “They were sitting together watching the game and sang “Happy Birthday” to Connor.”