Mayim Bialik — Divorce Finalized … The Valley Divided!

Exclusive 0524_mayim-bialik_husband_getty
Big Bang Theory” star Mayim Bialik and her ex-hubby took the high road in finalizing their divorce — splitting their real-estate evenly — but upon further inspection it”s clear, Mayim was the real winner.

According to docs, as part of Mayim”s divorce settlement from non-famous person Michael Stone … she scored the couple”s 1,400-square-foot, 1-bedroom pad in Studio City.

Her ex got the couple”s 1,300-square-foot, 3-bedroom casa in nearby Sherman Oaks.

While they”re both similar in size, Mayim”s pad is up in the hills — views, mountains, wildlife.

Stone”s pad is down in the flatlands — Target, Costco, Zankou Chicken.

FYI — The couple married in 2003 and filed for divorce in Nov. 2012. They have two sons together.

It”s unclear why they only bought houses in The Valley.