Max George from ‘The Wanted’ — Justin Bieber’s a ‘Lovely Lad’

Exclusive 080613_goerge_parker_launch
Justin Bieber gets a bad rap … so says The Wanted“s Max George who tells our sources the singer is actually a “lovely, lovely guy.”

George and his Wanted bandmate Thomas Parker were stumbling down Sunset Blvd. last night (don”t worry, they”re old enough to booze) … when we had a great drunken convo with the guy.

Among the highlights — George says he would love to be a judge on “American Idol” one day, except he”s in a boy band so, “I”m not sure anyone would respect my opinion.”

Max also defends his pal Bieber — saying, “I”ve met Justin and he”s a lovely lad and people make the wrong opinions of him.”

Sure, JB seems like a nice enough guy … when he”s not spitting on people (allegedly), pissing off his neighbors (allegedly) or urinating in mop buckets (definitely).

Lovely lad.