Matthew McConaughey Talks Family and Career in DETAILS April 2013

Matthew McConaughey Talks Family and Career in DETAILS April 2013

Stepping away from the set of his new HBO series “True Detective,” Matthew McConaughey rocked the April 2013 cover of DETAILS magazine.

While showing off his good looks in designer duds from BOSS and Louis Vuitton for the Mark Seliger-shot front page, the 43-year-old actor chatted about everything from taking a break from acting to dropping his rom-com image.

“I never said, “Oh, I want to go do darker or edgier stuff…”” the “Wedding Planner” hunk explains about choosing his family over Hollywood. “I just said, “I”m going to take some time off. I have to take care of my family right now. We”ve got the means in the bank account, we”ve got a roof over our head, we”re gonna eat well, we”re fine. So let”s take some introspective time.” It wasn”t a mini-retirement. It was just that I wanted to list to myself and be a bit more discerning.”

“I enjoyed what I was doing, but I felt like it last time and I can do it again tomorrow. I just wanted to shake in my boots. I want to go deal with some real consequence in films. I remember writing this down: “I want to be able to hang my hat on the humanity of the character every day,” he says about the switch from romantic comedies to dramatic films.

In regards to time away from his growing family, Matthew recalls, “I”ve got a wife who challenges me. There were two movies I wanted to do last year, but they were back-to-back with no separation. She was like, “You want to do it – buck up, grab your nuts, and make it happen. We”ll be there with you.””