WATCH : Matthew Broderick Brings Back Ferris Bueller for Honda s Super Bowl Ad

Twenty-six years later, it”s time for Ferris Bueller to take another day off.

In what”s quickly becoming the most talked-out Super Bowl commercial of the year – a week before it even airs – Matthew Broderick will bring back his old Ferris Bueller character in a new ad for Honda this Sunday night during the NBC telecast.

Auto blog Jalopnik revealed the source of a teaser ad last Friday. So, Honda decided to release the extended version of the commercial online on Monday – and it”s a two-minute-plus homage to Ferris Bueller”s Day Off, the original 1986 film, with Broderick this time calling in sick to a film shoot and enjoying another day of slacking instead.

Sadly, there”s no Charlie Sheen or Jennifer Grey. (Even sadder, there”s no Alan Ruck.) But Honda says there are more than two dozen references to the movie throughout the commercial. How many can you spot