Matt Smith Talks "Doctor Who" Exit

Matt Smith Talks

As the world waits for the 50th anniversary “Day of the Doctor” to air, Matt Smith is opening up about his decision to leave the TARDIS behind.

Initially making the announcement over the summer, the 31-year-old actor told the Hollywood Reporter recently, “I”d always talked about leaving after the 50th anniversary. It”s a very intense process to play the Doctor. The line-learning is really hard, and you have to live away from home for nine or ten months a year. I love the show, and it wasn”t an easy choice to come to, but it”s the right time for both of us.”

After the 50th anniversary show on Saturday (November 23), fans will get another dose of the Doctor when the “Doctor Who” Christmas special reveals his exit.

As for how that will look, Matt opines, “I think he should go out as he came in — with a bit of a whiz and a bang. Hopefully it will be funny and touching in equal measure. That, for me, would be the right balance. I really trust Steven [Moffat], and I think he”ll delivered something fabulous.”