Matt Kemp — Hobbles on Crutches, But Positive Dodgers Will Win

Exclusive 093013_matt_kemp_launch
This video of Dodgers superstar Matt Kemp — limping around on crutches — is gonna make you really sad … or really pumped up for the baseball playoffs.

Talk about bittersweet … the Dodgers are heading into the playoffs, but Kemp will be benched due to a swollen bone in his foot.

So, last night when we caught Matt gingerly making his way into a movie theater he confessed … “I”m sad” — but then added a prediction about the Dodgers” NLDS against the Atlanta Braves.

In Kemp”s words … “We gonna win.”

And you gotta hear the alternative medicine tip Matty got — albeit from our camera guy — but ya never know. Miracle comeback