Matt Damon??s Hilarious ??Jimmy Kimmel Live? Sketch: Watch Here!

Matt Damon??s Hilarious ??Jimmy Kimmel Live? Sketch: Watch Here!

Theyve been fake feuding for quite some time, and Matt Damon appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live last night (August 5) via video skit as the next chapter of their saga.

In the clip, the Bourne Identity hunk gets lampooned by Kimmels sidekick Guillermo Diaz while doing an interview for his upcoming film Elysium.

Guillermo claims hes also in the hotel room to do press for his flicks Estupido and Ass Face, though its clear its all a prank.

Damon declares, “Look, man. I”m trying to do my job here. I have an interview I have to do, OK” Diaz fires back, “Me too! I have to do a junky for my movie!”

When asked for the plotline of Estupido, Guillermo explains, “It”s about a man. Who”s stupid from Boston. It”s basically a true story!”

Calling out the joke, Matt asks, “Jimmy paid thousands and thousands of dollars to fly you from L.A. to Miami to carry a sign that says Ass Face with an arrow pointed at me, double-booking a hotel room so you can do this” Diaz replies, “Jimmy”s very rich. He can do whatever he wants.

Check it out below!