Matt Damon Shows his Wild Side on "House of Lies": Watch Here!

Getting a chance to take a playful swipe at pal George Clooney, Matt Damon plays a crazy, druggy version of himself in an upcoming “House of Lies” episode.

In the show, the “Bourne Identity” star seeks out Don Cheadle and his consulting firm to create a charity that will dwarf George Clooney”s. The 42-year-old actor explains, “I just basically need a cause thats about the size of Clooneys cause, only with bigger t-ts.

Taking a jab at the “Descendents” star, Matt adds, “That guy puts on a Hawaiian shirt and they hand him a f**king Oscar.”

Though the episode doesn”t air until Sunday at 10:00pm on Showtime, you can check out an expletive-laden clip below.