Matt Damon Lands at LAX

Matt Damon Lands at LAX

Making his return to SoCal, Matt- Damon showed up at LAX International Airport last night (June 24).

Joined by his wife Luciano Barroso, the Good Will Hunting hunk was greeted by a swarm of fans and stopped to sign autographs as he made his way through the terminal.

In a recent interview, Damon shared that he quit his pack-and-a-half smoking habit back in 2004 when he and his bride decided to start having children.

I remember my brother gave up before he had kids and he said, I”m going to give myself six months or a year to clear out my system before I, you know… Whether there”s any wisdom to your sperm-carrying, your system being somehow cleaner, but that was his thing and I remember thinking, Yeah, I”ll do that, too.

As for how he began smoking, Matt noted, Ben [Affleck] and I started when we were in high school. We”d see the great actors – [Marlon] Brando, James Dean, Mickey Rourke- who we loved back then – smoking, and we just thought it was f***ing cool.