Marlon Wayans — ‘Scary Movie’ SUCKS Without Me … But You Didn’t Hear It From Me

Exclusive 041613_marlon_wayans_launch
Marlon Wayans isn”t one to gloat — except he”s TOTALLY one to gloat … especially when it comes to the demise of “Scary Movie 5,” and he went on an epic rip session with us last night.

Marlon was walking out of Chateau Marmont when we asked if he”d taken in the debut of “SM5” — and his response: “Has anybody”

Quick backstory … Marlon”s had an “SM” grudge ever since the studio behind it pushed him off the franchise. Marlon went on to write and produce “A Haunted House” … which debuted in January.

Last night, Marlon tried his best to give us his “most politically correct” answer possible … but eventually couldn”t resist, and let his true feelings fly.

For the record … “SM5” made $15 million over the weekend, and “A Haunted House” debuted with $18 million — but “Scary” cost $30 million to make, while “AHH” had a paltry $3 mil budget.

Marlon also took a cheap shot at his pal Kevin Hart for his DUI.

Kevin won”t laugh … but you will.