Marion Cotillard's Stalker Put on Probation

Marion Cotillard's Stalker Put on Probation

Taking her obsession with Marion Cotillard too far, a Queens woman was sentenced to probation on Tuesday (May 21).

Back in 2011, Teresa Yuan sent 504 emails with 120 disturbing webcam videos of herself within four days to the French actress”s fan website.

As her attorney argued that she be kept out of jail to treat her bipolar disorder, Federal Judge William Kuntz warned Yuan to stay on her medication and only use one internet accessing device so her usage could be monitored by law enforcement.

Speaking about the incident, the cyber-stalker insisted, “It was never my intention to threaten or scare anybody. I am bitterly ashamed of myself.”

Though she could have served a year in prison, Judge Kuntz noted, “The victim in this case has been generous and forgiving.”