Mario Lopez & Courtney Mazza: Baby No. 2 on the Way!

Mario Lopez & Courtney Mazza: Baby No. 2 on the Way!

Breaking the news on his daily entertainment show, Mario Lopez announced that he and his wife are expecting.

The Extra host revealed that his lovely bride Courtney Mazza is pregnant with the couples second child.

“I”m due around Gia”s birthday [September 11],” Miss Mazza told Us Weekly. As for her pregnancy, the expectant mother explained, I”m in that stage where I can”t fit into my regular clothes anymore but I can”t fit into maternity clothes yet either. But I”m good, it”s all good!”

The bundle of joy will join the pairs 2-year-old daughter Gia, who is already preparing for her big sister duties. “We”re trying to explain it to her, so now she points at Courtney”s belly and says, “Baby baby!” Once mama really starts popping out I think she”ll understand more . . . I can”t wait to expand the Lopez family! Courtney added.

As for Mario, he is thrilled for his second child. “I”m just so excited I can”t take it!”

Courtney and the Saved by the Bell alum wed during a Mexican beach wedding back in December 2012.