Mariah Carey Instagrams Bikini & Twins Pics

Mariah Carey Instagrams Bikini & Twins Pics

Giving her followers a wealth of self-footage, Mariah Carey had a little posting party on Instagram on Thursday night (July 18).

The Honey songstress shared some shots of herself in a skimpy bikini from her Italian music video shoot back in June.

On the other side of the spectrum, Carey also posted a photo of her twins Monroe and Morocco in the backstage area at her concert.

Along with the image, Mariah also added the caption, Backstage at mommy”s concert for the 1st time, Roc gave a Standing O and Roe blew kisses.

Carey has slimmed down considerably since giving birth to her kiddos- she told press, I put on 70 pounds but if you look at me in pictures you”d think it was more like 9,000 pounds. I have a lot of empathy with people who have to lose a lot of weight. I used to be able to slim down just by exercising more, but that”s changed. Since having the babies, I realize that 90 percent of losing weight is my diet.

Today my workout routine is more about getting and staying toned. And for me, that means either taking hour-long walks a few times a week or jumping in the pool three or four days a week to do 45 minutes of aquatic exercises.