Mariah Carey Drops ??Almost Home? Music Video: Watch Here!

Mariah Carey Drops ??Almost Home? Music Video: Watch Here!

Her fans have waited patiently, and finally Mariah Carey”s new video for Almost Home has exploded onto the internet.

The new ditty is straight from the soundtrack for Oz The Great and Powerful, and theres plenty of movie footage to build the films pre-release hype.

Mariah told press, “Well, I”ve always just loved Disney, and now especially having two little babies. Like all we do is watch animated movies, even though they”re so little they still love them, especially Roc, my little boy.”

“I think it”s going to be an incredible movie, and it”s kind of amazing what they”ve done. It looks totally different than anything I”ve ever seen.”

Carey also credits her kiddos for influencing her forthcoming album. “As everything evolved and is evolving, they”ve definitely been an inspiration in a really good way. So I”m excited for my lambs to hear the music and for people who love music to hear a lot of these songs. So hopefully we will be doing that very soon.”