Marc Anthony Rocks ??Today?

Marc Anthony Rocks ??Today?

Celebrating the release of his new album 3.0, Marc Anthony showed up at Rockefeller Plaza for a very special performance.

The I Need To Know singer took the stage as part of the Today Shows Toyota Concert Series and treated fans to his signature vocal greatness.

And after the gig, Marc headed over to the NBC Experience Store where he greeted his loyal followers and signed copies of the record.

As for the recent criticism of Anthonys National Anthem performance at the MLB All Star Game, he explained, “If I”m not qualified, I don”t know who is. I was born and raised in New York; I”m an American; I”m Puerto Rican. And for those who don”t know, Puerto Rico is a territory of the US to start with. But if you think about it. Irving Berlin was a Russian-Jewish immigrant who wrote “God Bless America.” Just think about that for one second.”

Marc also shared that his new album has given him a whole new level of energy- I literally feel like I”m 18 all over again, and I have so much more to do!”

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