Mandy Patinkin Talks "Homeland" in Michigan Avenue October 2013

Mandy Patinkin Talks

Fresh off the season premiere of his hit drama “Homeland,” Mandy Patinkin fronts the October 2013 issue of Michgan Avenue magazine.

While wearing designer garb from Tommy Bahama and Salvatore Ferragamo for the Andrew Eccles-shot spread, the “Princess Bride” actor chatted about the series and working with Emmy-winning actress Claire Danes.

Check out a few highlights from Mr. Patinkin”s interview below. For more, be sure to visit Michgan Avenue!

On Homeland”s success:
“If anything, I knew “Homeland” was wonderful material, I knew Claire Danes was extraordinary, and I knew these writers were extraordinary; the material started coming in when we were filming it. Literally we were saying to each other, “Hey, who knows whats going to happen, but this kind of stuff doesnt come along every day.” Thats a shut-up-and-have-a-good-time-and-keep-swimming. I was in love with it from the beginning.”

On his role as Saul:
“I love the connection that he has with this child Carrie Mathison, played brilliantly by Claire Danes. I love the connection. I love being with Claire. I love her artistry. I love her humanity and the love Saul has for her and his faith in her and the symbolism that she holds for him in terms of the prayer for peace he wishes for all humanity. That to me is the real connection issue. It is his love for humanity, for the human race, and his belief that this particular gifted soul named Carrie Mathison is the key to bringing peace to this world through her savant like abilities of understanding human nature.”

On his loving for acting:
“What I enjoy most about performance is living in imagined reality. Ive spent more time of my living life in an imagined state of reality than in reality itself. And I love that. I love imagining my father being alive again. Imagining the moments when I met my wife, when our children were born; I love imagining the future of grandchildren running to my arms. I love imagining anything and everything I can think of. Imagination is the greatest gift of performing, and what I long for is to get lost in that imagined reality where I dont even remember where I was, sort of like when you wake up from a dream. You were just there, but you cant remember it. That to me is living.”

On his family”s support:
“My parents didnt want me to be a performer. They didnt discourage it because they saw that I loved it, but they were very nervous about itThey were more interested in Mandy getting a business degree like my father got from the University of Chicago. I didnt want a business degree. They kept saying, “So you have something to fall back on,” and I kept saying, “I dont want to fall back on anythingif I dont make it, Ill figure out plan B when I get there.””