Major Drug Org. — SCREW KITSON … We’re Not Taking Donations from Rx Shirt Sales

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One of the biggest anti-drug organizations in the U.S. has drawn a hard line in the sand — telling a trendy L.A. clothing boutique it will NOT accept donations collected from the sale of “irresponsible” drug-inspired shirts.

The shirts in question have been at the center of a media firestorm  — featuring the names of various prescription drugs like Xanax and Vicodin plastered across the back.

After taking all sorts of heat, Kitson — the boutique selling the shirts — has said it would donate part of the profits to the Medicine Abuse Project … a partner of

But is pushing back HARD — firing off a letter to Kitson saying, “We would not entertain any direct donation from Kitson while you flagrantly, and without remorse, continue to sell these products.”

Translation — take your money and stick it. also demanded Kitson remove the org.”s name from the store”s website — and Kitson has obliged.

As for the shirts, Kitson is still dealing …