Madonna Tests Instagram Policies

Madonna Tests Instagram Policies

Though she”s a long way from her “Like a Virgin” days, Madonna is still able to ruffle feathers, as she has recently proven on Instagram.

After only opening the account a week ago, the 54-year-old pop icon received warnings, which she posted.

According to the policy enforcers, “It has come to our attention that your account on Instagram has violated our Community Guidelines. Dont share photos that show nudity or mature content.

The offending content may have been shots of her partly bare rear end and cleavage. Also, she posted a photo of Frida Kahlo, which probably did not come from her camera since the artist died in 1954.

Reinforcing that not even the Material Girl is above site policy, the warning adds, “it is important to note that continuing to violate their guidelines may result in a disabled account, or discontinued access to Instagram, without warning.