Madonna Is "So Nervous" About Super Bowl Performance

Madonna may have had only “4 Minutes” to save the world with Justin Timberlake, but putting on the halftime show on Super Bowl Sunday has her even more wound up.

“Oh my god, I”m so nervous. You have no idea,” the superstar told Anderson Cooper in an interview to air on his talk show Thursday.

“First of all, it”s the Super Bowl. The Super Bowl is kind of like the holiest of holy in America,” Madonna, 53, said. “I”m going to come in halfway between the church experience and I”m going to have to deliver a sermon that”s going to have to be very impactful.”

She also put it this way: “I have to put on the greatest show on earth in the middle of the greatest show on earth.”

Clearly, the timing of the performance is something that concerns the performer. “I have eight minutes to set it up and seven minutes to take it down,” she said. “I have 12 minutes to put on the greatest show on earth. Okay, that”s a lot of pressure.”

Asked for a hint about what she”ll be doing in those 12 minutes, Madonna said, “I”ll be singing.”

Something tells us it will be a bit more than that! Super Bowl 2012 pits the New York Giants vs. the New England Patriots and airs Sunday (6:30 p.m. ET) on NBC.