Luke Evans Fronts Men's Health December 2013

Luke Evans Fronts Men's Health December 2013

He”s gearing up for the premiere of his highly anticipated film “The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug” and during promotions, Luke Evans fronted the December 2013 issue of Men”s Health.

During his Q&A session with the publication, the 34-year-old actor chatted about avoiding social media drama and shared details about his past.

Check out a few highlights from Mr. Evans” interview below. For more, be sure to visit Men”s Health!

On his role in “Clash of the Titans”:
“I had to be basically naked, wearing a miniskirt for the whole film. It was the scariest thing I”ve ever done. I had no knowledge. All the jargon they use on set – I had no clue. And the first day on [set],” I was working with Liam Neeson. I”m thinking “Okay, just act. Just do what you know you can do.” And it just picked up from there. It is a constant learning curve.”

On his focus:
“I am an observer. I am an only child, so I spent a lot of time just watching people. And now as an adult I watch and observe. When you get to work with people like Ian McKellen or directors like Peter Jackson, you sit and watch. That”s how I learned to be a film actor”

On his approach to social media:
“For your own self-respect and sanity, your creative freedom you have to be careful that you don”t rely too much on other people”s opinions of what you do, because it can stunt and inhibit you. You can read 50 great things about yourself, but the one bad thing will be what you remember most.”

On his weight loss motivation:
“The gym is somewhere you can go to just forget for an hour what you do for a living, what you are doing on a daily basis. You just turn up and get on with it. Unless somebody comes up to you and asks you for a photograph. Then you remember – actually, you”re Dracula.”