Lucy Liu Talks Career Struggles in Net-A-Porter June 2013

Lucy Liu Talks Career Struggles in Net-A-Porter June 2013

She”s gearing up for the season finale of her hit CBS series “Elementary” and during promotions, Lucy Liu graced the cover of Net-A-Porter”s June 2013 issue.

The “Charlie”s Angels” beauty slipped into designer items by Gucci and Maison Martin for the Mariano Vivanco-shot spread while opening up about her family”s reaction to her career and stepping out of her “action character” box.

Check out a few highlights from Miss Lui”s interview below. For more, be sure to visit Net-A-Porter!

On her parent”s initial lack of support:
“After their struggle, they just really wanted to see me struggle in a different way, in a more obvious way, something they could understand- she”s at college struggling, but then she will be a banker or a doctor. They understood that.”

On her brother”s support:
“My brother, John, let me stay in his apartment. There was no kitchen, it was just a room, and I slept on the floor with him, while his roommate was on a bunk bed. He also paid off my credit card from college. Without him, I don”t think I could have taken [acting] on.”

On her acting woes:
“I wish people wouldn”t just see me as the Asian girl who beats everyone up, or the Asian girl with no emotion. People see Julia Roberts or Sandra Bullock in a romantic comedy, but not me. You add race to it, and it became, “Well, she”s too Asian,” or “She”s too American.” I kind of got pushed out of both categories. It”s a very strange place to be. You”re not Asian enough and then you”re not American enough, so it gets really frustrating.”