Lucy Liu Covers Fitness March 2013

Lucy Liu Covers Fitness March 2013

When she”s not solving mysteries on her television series “Elementary,” Lucy Liu is keeping up with her serious workouts and telling us all about it in the March 2013 issue of Fitness.

The 44-year-old actress showed off her perfectly toned bod on the front page while chatting about everything from her ultimate weight loss secret to staying motivated.

During the interview, the “Charlies Angels” hottie admits, “Part of being an actress is that people are going to judge you whether you gain or lose weight — it”s just sort of a given,.”

“But I”ve never had issues with food. When I was growing up, my family didn”t have a lot. So if there was food, I was going to eat it!” she adds.

In regards to her busy schedule, Lucy turns to a holistic alternative, explaining, “I”ve been meditating twice a day for about two years now. It”s helped me so much! It gives me a feeling of comfort and safety, and makes me feel as if I”m part of a bigger plan.”

Meanwhile, Liu finds motivation from her friends and says, “A group of five of us – friends and friends of friends – got an e-mail chain going, and we all set goals: an ideal weight, inches we wanted to lose, eating habits we wanted to adopt. We would e-mail, saying “I ran today” or “I ate this,” and we”d share recipes.”

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