Lucy Hale Talks New Album in Self October 2013: "I'm Scared as Hell"

Lucy Hale Talks New Album in Self October 2013:

She”s gearing up for the season premiere of her hit ABC series “Pretty Little Liars” and during promotions, Lucy Hale fronted the October 2013 issue of Self magazine.

The 24-year-old actress/singer rocked a few poses for the Dewey Nicks-shot spread while chatting about the release of her new album and her body being in the constant spotlight.

Check out a few highlights from Miss Hale”s interview below. For more be sure to visit Self!

On her upcoming country album:
“I”m scared as hell. Some days I go to sleep and I”m like, What am I doing People aren”t going to take me seriously. Music is my favorite thing, and I”m going to fight to make it happen.”

On her figure woes:
“I was on the beach in Hawaii and there were paparazzi in the bushes. I don”t think anybody wants to be photographed in their bikini unless you”re like a Victoria”s Secret model. There”s always a little voice in my head that says, Suck it in a little morebut you know, I”m so comfortable with who I am, I”m just like, screw it! Take pictures!”

On her favorite workouts:
“Long runs. Yesterday I ran 9 miles and I was euphoric. It was amazing. My knees hurt and I was in pain afterward, but I did it!”

On things she cannot avoid:
“Parking tickets. I have three right now. I always get them. Maybe the [cops] are just drawn to the fact that I”m in a red zone and shouldn”t be parking there. That could be it.”