‘Love & Hip Hop’ Star — Paychecks Held Hostage to Pay Off Debt

Exclusive 0412_lil_scrappy_01Love & Hip Hop” star Lil Scrappy better have some “Money in the Bank” left over from his rap career … because his TV checks are about to be garnished … to help pay off a $100,000 debt. 

Long story short … Scrappy was supposed to cough up $72,218.68 to a concert booking company called Heavy Rotation back in 2010 — after he lost a legal battle in GA court. But according to HR, Scrappy never paid up.

The debt has since ballooned to $108,510.38 with interest and attorney”s fees.

Tired of waiting for their loot … HR requested to have chunks of Scrappy”s “Love & Hip Hop” cash go straight to them first, until the debt”s satisifed … which the court signed off on.

Might be time to focus on that music again.