Louis Tomlinson — One Direction Singer PUKES After Soccer Collision

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I think it went blech, blech, blech … I think it went grrble, grrble, grrble …

So, it wasn”t exactly the Best Puke Ever … but Louis Tomlinson from One Direction yacked his face off during a charity soccer match in Europe this weekend … and it was all caught on tape.

The boy bander had just passed the ball off to a teammate, when Gabriel Agbonlahor — a really good pro soccer player — came flying in and knocked Louis on his ass.

Louis rolled around in pain clutching his leg (like soccer players do) … but eventually got up and made his way to the sidelines.

But as soon as he got off the field, Tomlinson upchucked … spewing all over the sidelines.

Gabriel said he would apologize to Tomlinson — but it didn”t stop those crazy 1D fans from tweeting death threats to the footballer.  Unclear if Gabe is taking any of the threats seriously.