LMFAO — The $7 Million SURPRISE at ‘American Idol’

RedfooBy the look on RedFoo“s face … you wouldn”t think he”d just been hit with a $7 million lawsuit … but that”s exactly what happened right as this photo was taken.
The LMFAO DJ was on his way into the “American Idol” set in L.A. yesterday … when he got SERVED with a $7 million lawsuit filed by the band”s former management company.

The management company is suing for breach of contract … claiming it took LMFAO”s career “from 0 to 60” … only to be kicked to the curb when the big bucks started rolling in.

But RedFoo didn”t seem too concerned when he got slapped with the suit yesterday … smiling and laughing … and then posing for a pic with the tattooed process server.

Everyone”s a fan.