Liv Tyler in The Edit: Men Are Just Visitors In My Life

Liv Tyler in The Edit: Men Are Just Visitors In My Life

Taking some time away from the set of her upcoming TV movie The Leftovers, Liv Tyler garnered herself some added exposure by covering the latest issue of Net-A-Porters The Edit.

While donning a gorgeous pink coat from Rochas for the Miguel Reveriego-shot front page, the Armageddon beauty chatted about the women in her life and raising her son Milo.

Check out a few highlights from Miss Tylers interview below. For more, be sure to visit The Edit!

On looking up to her grandmother and mother:
I was raised by the women in my life that made me incredibly strong and resilient. Ive always been able to support myself and my family on my own.

On dealing with men:
Men are a bit of a mystery to me in a way. They are visitors. They visit my life. Im always surprise when there is one around.

On love:
Let love be like dessert. Enjoy it when its there, but you dont want to eat dessert at every meal, all day long.

On life with Milo:
[Milo] just wants me to make him breakfast and walk him to school and read to him at night and help him with his homework all the basic things that any child would want. He couldnt give a rats ass about me being famous or a movie star or anything. I learn so much from him. To have a son was huge for me, because its been the most solid, healthy, and consistent relationship Ive ever had with a male in my whole life.