Lisa Vanderpump’s Hubby — PULLED OVER … Can We Blame the Valet??

Exclusive 0517_vanderpump_articleLisa Vanderpump“s hubby Ken escaped the long arm of the law this week — when he was pulled over by a cop in West Hollywood … for something that probably WASN”T EVEN HIS FAULT!!!

Here”s the deal — sources tell us an eagle-eyed cop spotted Ken”s fancy Bentley cruising down Santa Monica Blvd. at nighttime WITHOUT his headlights on.

But here”s the rub … we”re told Ken had just picked up Lisa from their restaurant SUR … and we”re guessing that”s where things went wrong.

WHY Because he probably left the car with the valet … and sometimes valets TURN OFF YOUR HEADLIGHTS (even if they”re set to automatic) … and it drives us frickin” CRAZY!!!!

Anywho … Ken didn”t get in trouble for the headlight issue, the cop let him drive off without a ticket.

We can”t confirm the valet thing either … but c”mon, you KNOW it”s happened to you.