Lisa Lampanelli — Arsenio Hall’s ‘Apprentice’ Outburst Turned VIOLENT Behind the Scenes

Lisa Lampanelli
insists Arsenio Hall“s foulmouthed tirade on “Celebrity Apprentice” last weekend was WAY worse behind the scenes — claiming Arsenio called Aubrey O”Day the c-word … and even got violent.

Lisa called in to Broadminded on XM Sirius Stars Thursday — and according to the comedian, the worst parts of Arsenio”s anti-Aubrey outburst were edited out … when he called Aubrey a “c***” and said, he would “something something all over her face.”

You”ll recall … the parts that did make it to air included Arsenio in the War Room, saying, “I Googled [Aubrey] and a naked picture with a gut popped up … f**k her!” (below)

But Lisa says what was edited out sounded so “violent” — she jumped up and alerted producers, claiming it was the first time in 20 years she had been so shaken up.

Calls to Arsenio were not returned.