Lindsay Lohan's Shares Sultry Nylon Photo Shoot Pics

Lindsay Lohan's Shares Sultry Nylon Photo Shoot Pics

Her career is finally starting to recovery after her last stay in rehab, and now Lindsay Lohan is showing everyone some proof of her big comeback.

On Wednesday (October 30), the “Mean Girls” star took to the Twitterverse and posted some behind-the-scenes pics from her Nylon magazine photoshoot in New York City.

“had such a great time on set today! so excited to share the new pics xo…” Lindsay tweeted. The snapshots featured Miss Lohan rocking a few poses as she wore a 1960s Hollywood inspired white dress.

Meanwhile, the 27-year-old actress dealt with some backlash after a photo of her reaching for a wine bottle hit the web.

In attempt to clear her name from the situation, LiLo told the press, “I was reaching for my purse and phone.”

Other sources close to Lindsay that were in the house also sided with her and claimed that she was in fact just grabbing her stuff, not the bottle.