Lindsay Lohan’s Accuser — Lawyer Dredges Up LiLo’s Criminal Past

The lawyer for Lindsay Lohan“s latest accuser just went off on live television — claiming the actress has proven time and time again … she spews nothing but lies … and her “I was at home” excuse is no exception.

Mark Haushalter — the lawyer for Lindsay”s assault-accuser Marisa Dugas — appeared on Good Day L.A. this morning, blasting Lindsay”s alibi that she couldn”t have attacked his client at The Standard Hotel last weekend … because she was at home watching TV.

Mark said, “Let”s not forget Lindsay Lohan has a drug addiction problem, a drinking problem, and has been convicted of crimes of dishonesty.”

According to Mark, Lindsay”s excuse counts for jack squat — because “Once a liar, always a liar.”