Lindsay Lohan — The Trial Begins … [LIVE]


8:28 AM PT — Lindsay”s estimated arrival time is now 8:31 AM … meaning she”ll definitely be late.

8:24 AM PT — Lindsay”s attorney Mark Heller has just arrived.

8:13 AM PT — We”re told the private jet carrying Lindsay has diverted to LAX — which will put her much closer to the courthouse, and give her a fighting chance to actually make it on time. The clock is ticking …

Lindsay Lohan“s trial starts at 8:30 AM PDT, and she has one more chance to play Let”s Make a Deal … IF SHE ACTUALLY SHOWS UP!!

We know she”s running late … but now it”s a question of “how late” … since she only has 19 minutes from the time she lands in L.A. to get to the courthouse.

When she does arrive to court, she could cop a plea directly to the judge … but we”re told that”s not gonna happen so it”s trial time, baby … and we”ll be streaming it all live.

Lindsay is accused of lying to cops after crashing her Porsche last June on Pacific Coast Highway.

As we reported, if she”s convicted her probation could be violated and when the dust settles … she could ACTUALLY serve between 60 and 90 days in the pokey.

Stay tuned …