Lindsay Lohan — Shopping Date w/ Star of Major Bust

Here”s a question: if Lindsay Lohan really did cut all her toxic friends out of her life … why was she spotted hanging out with a rehabbing hotel magnate who was busted for heroin in April

Lindsay and pal Vikram Chatwal were photographed out in NYC Tuesday, reportedly shopping together … you know, buddy stuff.

But here”s the thing: Lindsay told friends she had permanently excised all the bad influences in her life in order to focus on sobriety and kick her substance abuse issues once and for all … so it”s a little surprising to see her hanging out with this guy.

FYI, Chatwal was busted in April after cops say he tried to get on a plane with cocaine, weed, heroin and various prescription pills. He struck a plea deal that let him avoid jail if he completed 12 months of in-patient rehab.

According to media reports, Chatwal”s been to rehab AT LEAST 4 times since 2009. 

We”re not telling Lindsay who to be friends with … we”re just asking the question.