Lindsay Lohan — Reunites With Ex-Assistant Who Ratted Her Out to Cops

Lindsay Lohan appears to have made-up with an old friend … only problem, it”s another crony with whom she has a history of getting into trouble.

LiLo was spotted leaving Lure restaurant in NYC last night with Gavin Doyle — the same guy who ratted her out to cops last year … when he told them Lohan was the driver in their crash on PCH — a fact Lindsay tried to conceal.

Lindsay also famously booted Gavin from her car last year … after leaving an NYC jail for allegedly punching a “gypsy.” He was also her employee during most of Lohan”s darkest drug fueled days.

It”s unclear when the two made up — but we thought for sure he would have been one of the 80 “toxic friends” LiLo cut from her life after rehab.

Then again … Gavin wasn”t the one making poor decisions. Maybe he should make a toxic list.