Lindsay Lohan Returns Home with a Cup of Joe

Lindsay Lohan Returns Home with a Cup of Joe

Out and about in the Big Apple today (October 25), red-haired beauty, Lindsay Lohan grabbed a cup of coffee before returning to her apartment.

Looking casual yet chic, Miss Lohan wore a brown plaid shirt, tan skinnies and large brown heels, elevating her to new heights as she passed through the bustle of the big city.

In related news, recent reports worry that the 27-year-old has fallen back into the bad habits that have haunted her life and her career throughout these past several years.

In a photo finding Lindsay at a friend”s house in Los Angeles, she appears to be reaching out to grab a bottle of wine. Still receiving court-ordered therapy for her past substance abuses, the troubled starlet quickly came up with an explanation for the photo.

Sources close to Lindsay state that Lindsay was actually reaching for her purse and cell phone on the same counter top, and the angle of the photo made it appear as though she was grabbing for the bottle.