Lindsay Lohan: Rehab Smoke Break

Lindsay Lohan: Rehab Smoke Break

Making the most of her time in treatment, Lindsay Lohan stepped out onto a balcony at the Cliffside Malibu rehabilitation center for a cigarette yesterday afternoon (June 16).

Joined by some of her fellow residents, the Mean Girls actress seemed to be in good spirits as she puffed away and waved to nearby shutterbugs.

Meanwhile, former addict Dwight Doc Gooden told press that he fears for LiLos chances at sobriety because her father Michael Lohan is a wackjob.

Gooden, who spent time with Papa Lohan in 2011s Celebrity Rehab explained, “He was definitely a head case. I can kinda understand why Lindsay has the problems she has.”

Michael fired back, “I am sorry that Dwight is in such a bad place. He used to stay in touch with me but he fell off the wagon and into his dugout mode. I am surprised he said that, but maybe it”s because I work in the recovery business. I recently tried to get him to go into treatment. I guess he isn”t throwing strike outs as much as striking out himself. Just another wild pitch!”