Lindsay Lohan — Rehab All-Star

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Lindsay Lohan
was expected to screw up again in rehab — at least that”s what we here at our sources thought — but to our amazement, she”s actually become a model patient this time around.

Sources close to Lindsay tell us, the actress has been attending ALL of her group and one-on-one counseling sessions at Betty Ford — and she”s not only taking them seriously, she”s talking to friends about what she”s learned … especially issues involving self-control and reckless impulses.

Lindsay is saying the program is getting more complicated and emotional, but she”s not shying away.

We”re told Lindsay is sleeping in a room with two roommates because she doesn”t want to be alone.  Get this — there”s no drama — she”s getting along with both.

Several people who have visited her at Betty Ford tell us Lindsay looks better than she”s looked in a long time.

Pretty ironic — considering when she was sentenced to lockdown rehab, Lindsay was adamant she did NOT need treatment.