Lindsay Lohan — My Dad is Full of It … I Don’t Need Rehab

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Lindsay Lohan is predictably pissed at her dad who tried to stage an intervention Friday, and she says she does NOT need rehab because she does NOT have a drug or alcohol problem … our sources has learned.

We broke the story … Michael Lohan showed up at Lindsay”s Bev Hills house with a posse that was planning to take her to a facility 100 miles away, but Lindsay wouldn”t open the front door and called cops.

Sources close to Lindsay tell our sources … she is steadfast — she has not relapsed and is not drinking or doing drugs.

Lindsay believes Michael is doing this because she has cut him off completely after he recorded their conversation in the middle of LiLo”s blowout argument with Dina, and the recording ended up on our sources.  She says Michael is feigning concern as a ploy to get back in her good graces.

Lindsay says she”s more resolved than ever to keep daddy L out of her life.