Lindsay Lohan Leaked Photos Don t Stop Lilo s Playboy Promotion on Twitter!

Despite Lindsay Lohan leaked photos in the nude, the latest naked celebrity in Playboy is still trying her best to promote the new issue. Recently, Lilo tweeted to fans from Twitter about the magazine’s release.

Lindsay Lohan at Cynthia Rowley

Lindsay Lohan at Cynthia Rowley

Hugh Heffner and company must have thought they pulled off quite a feat when they were able to get the infamous Lindsay Lohan to pose for their magazine. However, those highly-coveted images of the actress in the buff were leaked online to the masses, causing quite a bit of anger at the mansion. Although most of the naked Lindsay Lohan photos from the upcoming Playboy already hit the internet, it doesn’t seem to be bothering Lindsay. Or maybe it is, and she’s trying to hard sell the issue so she feels better. She recently tweeted out a message on Saturday to her millions of Twitter followers saying:

“Playboy on stands now! I was so nervous! I hope people like it 🙂 and pick up a copy!!! * ….xoxo”

It seems awfully “nice” of Lindsay to promote this work for Hugh Heffner, but then again she probably collects some sort of royalty here, in addition to what she’s already made for the photo shoot. There’s been various reports already saying the issue isn’t selling too well. Obviously if people can see the nude pictures for free online, why bother paying for the full magazine? Then again there’s that old myth that some people do buy Playboy to read the articles!